About History Help

Welcome! My name is Jason, I'm a History and CSPE teacher currently based in Cork.

I first came up with the idea for History Help to take advantage of the increasing role of the Internet in our lives today. In Irish education at the moment we are at a stage where most schools are beginning to realise the full extent to which the internet and computers can be employed to make our experiences teaching and learning better than ever before.

I first set it up to use in my own teaching. I had no idea that it would be found and used by so many people across the country. It means an awful lot to me to see that the work I've put into this is helping people - students, teachers, student-teachers and parents alike.

I tested early versions of History Help in my own classes in 2012. It turned out really well, so I spent that summer putting it together. For now, only the Junior Cert section is complete. The Leaving Cert section may take a short while longer, but I'm working on it as quickly as I can. I decided to publish History Help before it was entirely finished so that it may be used as soon as possible. I hope to have it completely finished by the last few months of 2014 at the latest.

Every topic on both the Junior and Leaving Cert courses has (or will have) its own page on this site, and each topic page has a brief summary of that topic, a summary list of the main points students should know by the end of the topic, a sample of previous exam questions, and links to other websites which have further information on that topic for any students who might be interested to learn more.

There is a contact page, and people can comment and ask questions on each page as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the site and thank you for visiting!
Jason Kelleher