How does this site work?

The site is divided into five main sections: First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Leaving Cert and the Exams.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Year & Leaving Cert
The First, Second and Third Year pages each have separate pages for every topic you study in those years. (e.g. Ancient Rome, the Reformation, World War II).

On each of those pages, there's a short summary of what the topic is about and what you will learn, and then the page is divided into a few parts:

What you need to know: This gives you a short list of the main things you should know by the end of the topic.

You might be asked to...: This has a few sample questions from past Junior Cert papers about that topic, so that you can practice answering exam questions. If there's a People in History question, there will be tips on how to answer it.

Links: The last part of every page has links to different websites which have more information about the topic if you're interested in it. The sites are chosen for being informative and being easy to read for your year in school. So, for example, the Ancient Rome page will have links to other websites about Rome, along with a few Flash games. The 1916 Rising page will have links to witness accounts and overviews, and Leaving Cert topic pages will have links to primary source material and more reading.

Every page also has a lot of pictures, and in some cases, videos, to illustrate different things about the different topics.

The Exams
This doesn't mean there are exams to do behind this link. This section explains the layout of the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert papers (both levels) and provides some advice and tips on answering questions well and on what to avoid doing.

There are "go forward to" and "go back to" links on every page. The menu at the side will always be there. To return to the home page at any time, click the words History Blog at the top of the screen.


  1. i need 3 events of the french revolution but i need at least three events during it, including the Reign of Terror and explain what happened and why it is important and be sure to number them so i can know which one is hich thanks

    1. Hi Samary

      I'm always happy to help people with their questions but I can't do people's homework for them. All the info you need on the Reign of Terror and other main events of the French Revolution should be in your textbook and notes. The French Revolution page contains links with more info on the events of the revolution. I would suggest you write about the storming of the Bastille and the Declaration of the Rights of Man as your other two events.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Absolutely brilliant page! I have shown it to my students and they find it very helpful especially the breakdown for the people in history questions. Thanks a million