What's Going On?

In 2014, after Russia had invaded the Crimea region in Ukraine, I did a class with students answering their questions about it and outlining what was happening, using my phone to show videos and photos (it was a small class).

As the class was winding up, my phone buzzed with a news alert announcing the next development. The students couldn't believe it. We had talked about world affairs in History and CSPE classes before, but this was definitely the most live class we'd ever had. It's a class I'll never forget.

I enjoy when students ask about events which are taking place in the world today, but I don’t get a lot of time to discuss these things with them when we have a whole curriculum to get through. So after thinking about it for a while, I've started "What's Going On?". It might appear to be very CSPE-based at first glance, and perhaps that's true, but I've tried to put things in such a way that it can be used in a cross-curricular fashion.

It's an evolving project, and will probably change a bit from time to time depending on what works - so please, if you find it useful or have anything to say just leave a comment below!

Because my PDF conversion seems to be a bit unpredictable, if you're having trouble reading the issues properly, please let me know.

Trial Issue (Monday 17 October 2016)

  • Haiti: Hurricane Matthew
  • Ireland: Budget 2017
  • United States: Michelle Obama Campaign Speech

First Issue (Monday 7 November 2016)

  • United Nations: New Secretary General and Wonder Woman becomes an ambassador...
  • Ireland: Sugar tax, symbols in soccer and five years of Michael D...
  • Calais: Refugee "jungle" is demolished - what next?
  • United States: The 45th President will be revealed on Tuesday... 

Second Issue (Monday 14 November 2016)

  • Ireland: 200 child refugees are to come to Ireland...
  • United States: Donald Trump is the new President...
  • Women: The American "glass ceiling" still stands...
  • Climate: The Paris Agreement has come into effect...

Third Issue (Monday 21 November 2016)

  • Universal Children's Day:  
Why only spend one day thinking about children's rights?

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