Okay, so I'm going to outline what to expect in a Leaving Cert History test. As you know, the course is split into two parts: Ireland and Europe and the Wider World. In both of these parts, there are six "topics", and students must do two from Ireland and two from Europe. The topics we're doing are:

Topic 3: The Pursuit of Sovereignty
Topic 6: Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland (we start this one after the Pres)

Europe and the Wider World:
Topic 3: Dictatorship and Democracy (Document Q)
Topic 6: The United States and the World

It's a nice coincidence that our topics are all 3s and 6s - I didn't do that on purpose. The exam paper will have every single one of the topics on it, but you only have to do the ones you've done in 5th/6th Year - so only the 3s and 6s. Don't do anything marked Topic 1, 2, 4 or 5.

The paper is laid out like this:

Question 1: Documents-Based Question
You've all seen this before, because I've given you all samples of it. This is where Europe Topic 3 - Dictatorship and Democracy comes in - the questions will be on one of its three case studies:
  • Stalin's Show Trials
  • The Nuremberg Rallies
  • The Jarrow March
 Here are some revision notes for the three case studies.

Question 2: Ireland
You must do two topics from this part - Topics 3 and 6 for us. Don't worry about doing Topic 6 in the test after the midterm though, it wouldn't many any sense to test you on something we haven't done yet.

Revision notes for Topic 3:

Revision notes for Topic 6:
I'm going to put some notes here if people are interested, we'll be looking at this stuff after the exams anyway. Don't worry too much about it.

  • RTÉ 
  • Seán Lemass
  • The Mother and Child Scheme
  • Life for Women

Question 3: Europe and the Wider World
You must only do one topic from this part, as Europe Topic 3 is in the Document question so it won't actually appear in this part. In other words, you must only do Topic 6 - The United States.

Revision notes for Topic 6:

I'll have the rest of the notes up by the weekend. 

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