Hello, and welcome to the beginning of a new series which will explore the reasons behind the Easter 1916 Rising and its importance in Irish history. This school year (2015/16) we will celebrate the centenary (100 year anniversary) of the Rising, with many events being planned in schools and communities across the country.

This series will update every week, telling the story of the events which led up to April 1916, when members of the IRB and Irish Volunteers occupied several buildings in Dublin City (most notably the GPO) and proclaimed an Irish Republic.

Like any historical event, the Rising is open to different interpretations, and people have different understandings of it based on their own identities and sympathies. This series will look at this aspect of the Rising as well.

Understanding 1916 is a Cork Life Centre and History Help project.

Issue 1 - 7 September 2015

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  1. When will issue two be available ?
    Really interesting read