Key Personality: The Organisation Man

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The "Organisation Man" is a Key Personality for:
Society in the United States, 1945 - 1989
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit - what the Organisation Man looks like.
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  • William Whyte:
    Who was William Whyte? When did he write about the Organisation Man? What did feel was happening to the individual and the Protestant work ethic? What did he write about the role of corporate culture and its impact?
  • Who is the Organisation Man?:
    What kind of person did Whyte describe him as? What is his relationship to the organisation he works in? What three characteristics are important to him, and why?
  • The Organisation Man at Work:
    How long would a manager work? What kind of person would he be most likely to promote? How would he link social activities with work? What is a bureaucracy? The Organisation Man would conform to his place in the bureaucracy - what does that mean? What would he not do in order to conform?
  • The Organisation Man at Home:
    What is his role in the household? Where does he live and how does he get to work? What did William Whyte write about where he lives? How does he dress for work - he is the man in the what? What does his wife use to aid her in her housework? What does she do to socialise?
The Organisation Man considers the organisation part of his identity. His own well-being is linked to the company's well-being.
The Organisation Man even considered engaged in work-related socialising and entertaining.

The Organisation Man lived in the suburbs and travelled to work in the city by train.
Even his reading was work-related.

His wife used household appliances to help speed the housework, giving her time for coffee mornings with friends.

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