Key Personality: Norman Mailer

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Mailer is a Key Personality for:
The Collapse of Consensus, 1968 - 1989

  • Early Life:
    Where did Mailer go to university? What was his degree? What did he do during World War II and what did he later write about this? What was the critical reaction to his writing?
  • Mailer the Writer:
    How many books did Mailer write? What else did he write? What was Village Voice? What work did he do with Dissent? What is "New Journalism"? Why is Mailer hailed as the "prophet of machismo"? What was his opinion of the US and the USSR? What were his opinions on totalitarianism and conformity?
  • Mailer's Writings:
    See the pictures below.
  • Mailer's Later Life:
    What awards did Mailer receive? What work did he do besides writing? What political office did he unsuccessfully seek?

The White Negro (1959): He wrote about the hipsters who rebelled against conformity.
These hipsters were around before being a hipster was cool.
Why Are We in Vietnam (1967) and Armies of the Night (1968) both concern US involvement in Vietnam.
Of a Fire on the Moon (1970) was an account of the 1969 moon landing.
Miami and the Siege of Chicago (1968) is an account of the 1968 Democratic and Republican conventions.
The Prisoner of Sex (1971) criticised the women's liberation movement. They didn't like him very much either.
The Fight (1975) was an account of Muhammad Ali's "Rumble in the Jungle" with George Foreman.

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