Key Personality: Muhammad Ali

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Ali is a Key Personality for:
Society in the United States, 1945 - 1989

  • Early Life:
    What was Ali's original name? Where was he from? How did his career begin? How did he do in the 1960 Rome Olympics?
  • Ali and Discrimination:
    What was life like for Ali in Louisville? Did his status as an Olympic champion make any impact on that? How did he react to this?
  • Ali the Heavyweight Champion
    How did Ali maintain his success? What's meant about him when people say "he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee"? What is the Ali Shuffle? Why did he earn the nickname "The Louisville Lip"? Who did he defeat to become Heavyweight Champion of the World? How well did he maintain his championship in the years ahead?
  • Ali and the Nation of Islam:
    Who was the Black Muslim leader Ali came under the influence of? What did he announce after his defeat of Liston? Why did he change his name? How did Ali's relationship with that leader end?
  • Ali and Vietnam:
    What was Ali's reaction to being drafted? Why? How did this impact his career? What other consequences did he suffer? How did he react?
  • Ali's Comeback:
    What circumstances allowed Ali to make a comeback? Who did he defeat in 1970? Who did he lose to? What good news came to him from the Supreme Court? What was the Rumble in the Jungle? How did the last matches of his career go? When did he retire? What involvement did he have in politics in the 1970s? What was he diagnosed with in the 1980s?
Ali defeating Sonny Liston in 1964.

Ali with Malcolm X.
Ali at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

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