Key Personality: Billy Graham

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Graham is a Key Personality for:
Religion, Mass Media and Higher Education

  • Early Life:
    Where was Graham born? Where did he go to university? When was he ordained? What denomination is he?
  • Graham the Evangelical:
    What did he found in 1950? How did he develop religion as a form of mass entertainment? How did he use media to his advantage? How many people did he preach to in his 16 week mission in 1957?
  • Graham's Beliefs:
    What are the main tenets of Graham's evangelical Protestantism? How did he differ from Christian fundamentalists such as Jerry Falwell? How did he continue to use the media? How influential did he become?
  • Graham Over Time:
    What was Graham's attitude to Communism? How had his views changed by the 1980s? What awards has Graham received? Why is he still held in high regard today?
With Dwight Eisenhower, President 1953-61

With John F. Kennedy, President 1961-3
With Lyndon Johnson, President 1963-9
With Richard Nixon, President 1969-74
With Gerald Ford, President 1974-7
With Jimmy Carter, President 1977-81
With Ronald Reagan, President 1981-9
With George HW Bush, President 1989-93
With Bill Clinton, President 1993-2001
With George W. Bush, President 2001-9
With Barack Obama, President 2009 -

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