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As well as the topics you study in school, the In the News and On This Day sections below give you information on other things that happened in history, from the Stone Age as far as yesterday.

First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson (right) and other unionist politicians
pose with a poster of the Ulster Covenant, signed by Edward Carson.
  • The Ulster Solemn League and Covenant was signed 100 years ago (28th September). The Covenant was a pledge by Ulster unionists to resist "by all means which may be found necessary"attempts by the British government to introduce Home Rule to Ireland. They then set up the Ulster Volunteers, while nationalists joined the Irish Volunteers. The two men who led the unionist resistance, Edward Carson and James Craig, would be leading figures in Northern Ireland when it was created ten years later.

  • Recordings made by President John F. Kennedy during his presidency have been released along with a new book about them. He recorded his thoughts on the ongoing conflict in Vietnam, as well as conversations he had with other top figures. Recordings like this have been used by historians looking for new insights into events such as the Cuban missile crisis, and they form an important primary source. 
  • You might have heard of the old lady in Spain who took it upon herself to restore a decaying 19th century fresco in her local church. She's back in the news now that the fresco has become a tourist attraction. 

  • The trailer for Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" has been released. The film is set to cover Abraham Lincoln's time as President of the United States, his efforts to abolish slavery, and the civil war that followed. 

October 1st

Actor Richard Harris was born in Limerick
on this day in 1930.
The Congress of Vienna opens to redraw Europe's borders after the Napoleonic War.

The News of the World begins publication in London. It shut down in 2011.

German inventor Werner von Siemens founded the company which bears his name.

Ford puts the Model T car on sale in America for $825.

The Soviet Union begins its first Five Year Plan.

Nazi Germany annexes the Sudetenland.

Ex-Nazi leaders are sentenced at the Nuremberg Trials.

Nigeria gains independence from the United Kingdom.

Concorde breaks the sound barrier for the first time. 

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