Third Year: Social Change in 20th Century Ireland

Daunt Square in Cork, then and now.
People in 1900 had never heard of McDonalds.
Or the internet. Or TV.
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As well as looking at the political developments in Ireland from the Home Rule Crisis and the 1916 Rising as far as the Anglo-Irish Agreement, in Third Year you will also look at how Irish society changed: how people's way of life and work changed from the rural Ireland you looked at at the end of Second Year to the kind of life you live now. You'll look at this from a few different angles:
  • how rural and urban living conditions changed.
  • how rural and urban working conditions changed.
  • how the role of women in Ireland has changed.
  • how sport, leisure and entertainment have changed.
  • how transport and communications have changed.
Ordinary Level students can choose to study either this section or the Political Developments section.

Back at the start of First Year you learned about primary and secondary sources. These are important in this section as well. They can be useful too! If you're interested in where your family might have been living, or what your great grandparents might have been working as in the early 20th century, search the 1901 and 1911 census returns here.

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