Third Year: International Relations in the 20th Century

This is the final section of the Junior Cert course, and the last topics you'll study in History unless you decide to take it in Leaving Cert. You've taken a close look at Ireland during the 20th century, now you turn to Europe and focus on the most dramatic events of that century: The rise of fascism, with Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany, the move towards a second world war, and finally the war itself.

After World War II, Higher Level students must study one of the three option topics: either the Cold War, Moves Towards European Union or Asian Nationalism. Your teacher will decide which topic is best for your class, depending on class interest and on how much time you'll have left in the year by then.

And there you have it, the Junior Cert History course. From the Stone Age to the Nuclear Age, you've learned a lot about the world you live in in the last three years. If you enjoyed it, take a look at the Leaving Cert pages to see if continuing to study History looks interesting to you.

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You will study one of the following: