People in History: A supporter of a named revolutionary leader

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Sometimes asked as: "A person fighting in a revolution (in France, Ireland or America) during the Age of Revolutions".
Soldiers fighting in Ireland in 1798.

This People in History question might seem tricky, but it's actually quite easy. You've probably picked one of the three revolutions (America, France or Ireland) you're going to write your People in History answer on. So, either Washington, Robespierre or Wolfe Tone. To write as a supporter of any of those men, just follow the same outline as if you were writing about them, keeping these few points in mind:

  • If you're writing about a supporter or a person fighting then you're writing in the first-person (I, me, etc.). 

  • You'll still talk about your leader's life as if you were answering the question about him, but you'd include more relevant information about why you are rebelling. 
    • If you're a Washington supporter, talk about the bad conditions in Valley Forge.
    • If you're a Robespierre supporter, talk about how frightening life is under the Reign of Terror (and why).
    • If you're a Tone supporter, you can be fighting in Wexford or with Humbert.

  • Keep in mind that you should only include relevant (important) information, otherwise you'll lose marks.

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