People in History: A settler who received land in a named plantation

King James I ordered the Ulster Plantation.
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The plantation you learn the most about is the Ulster plantation. English settlers were moved to different counties in Ulster, where they claimed the land for their king and started to build new towns, such as Londonderry, and develop towns such as Donegal.

Unlike most of the Second Year People in History questions, this one is like First Year, as you're asked to write about being a planter, instead of writing about a famous planter.

There were different types of planter, and they each had different conditions. When writing this answer you'll need to decide what kind of planter you are. We'll go with a servitor for our example.

  • Start by naming your plantation. For example: "Our King, James I, has confiscated six counties in Ulster..."
    • What did the King want to do? How was the land divided?
      • Talk about the three types of planter and say which one you are. How much land do you and the others get? What are you allowed to do? Remember to explain each of the three types of planter is as much detail as you can.
        • What are your conditions? Irish natives will try to attack you. How will you defend the land for the King?
          • You can say that you are going to Londonderry. What is it? What kind of people are being asked to go there, and why? What does the King want Londonderry to be?
            • Is this plantation going to be a success? Talk about how England has learned from the mistakes it made in Laois-Offaly and Munster. Finish your answer talking about how successful you will be.

              So, in short...

              1. Name your plantation and the King.
              2. What the King wanted to do.
              3. Three types of planter, which one you are, and the land and allowances you have.
              4. Your conditions and defending the land.
              5. The plantation of Londonderry.
              6. Is the plantation going to be a success?
              • get confused between the Ulster plantation and the ones that happened in Laois-Offaly or Munster.
              • name a term (like servitor or bawn) and then not explain it. You always get marks for explaining terms.
              • write anything irrelevant (unimportant).


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