People in History: A native Irish landowner who lost land in a named plantation

The native Irish in the 1500s. Albrecht Dürer drew this.
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The most common Plantations People in History question is the planter who receives land. Less common, but still asked, is the other side of that story: the native Irish landowner who loses his land to the new planters.

You'll still talk about Ulster here, but you'll draw on things you learned about Ireland before the plantations started, and what happened to the native Irish when their land was taken from them.

  • Introduce yourself. You know that Hugh O'Neill was the main figure in Ulster, so you can say that you are one of the O'Neills.
    • Describe your clan's way of life before the Plantation happened. Who owned the land? What did you use it for?
      • Who owns the land now? How did he get it? What does he use it for?
        • How did this happen? What happened to Hugh O'Neill? What kinds of people are taking your land? (three types of planter)
          • What must the planter who took your land do to defend it? Is he allowed to take Irish tenants?
            • How do you plan to attack him? Where are your tribe now? What do the English call you? (tories)
              • Finish up by saying you're going to attack tomorrow.

                So, in short...

                1. Introduce yourself.
                2. Your clan's way of life before the Plantations.
                3. Who owns the land now.
                4. How the plantation happened.
                5. What the planter must do to defend it.
                6. Your clan now being tories and attacking the planters.

                • get confused between the Ulster plantation and the ones that happened in Laois-Offaly or Munster.
                • name a term (like servitor or bawn) and then not explain it. You always get marks for explaining terms.
                • write anything irrelevant (unimportant).


                1. This is a really good site i am going to tell my friends this :-)

                2. thanks so much this helped me tons bring on the LC

                3. so huge o'neill lost his land or not. I'm writing an essay now and i still dont know who lost their land during the ulster plantaions

                  1. Well, I don't just give away the answers. Hugh O'Neill was forced to flee Ulster, so what do you think happened next? Check your History book or your notes if you need help!