People in History: A named Renaissance artist from outside Italy

"Young Hare" by Albrecht Dürer. No, it's not a photograph.
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A named Renaissance artist from outside Italy 

The Renaissance might have began in Italy, but it spread elsewhere in Europe as well. After you've studied Michelangelo or Leonardo, you'll study an artist from outside Italy (also called a northern European artist). The artist you study depends on your textbook and on your teacher. Some textbooks focus on one, others offer a choice, and your teacher might have a preference for a particular artist. My preference is for Albrecht Dürer, so this page will use him as an example, but the advice should be helpful no matter who you're studying.

Dürer (doo-rer) was a German artist, most famous for his engravings and the incredible detail in his paintings.

  • As usual, name your artist and give a bit about his background. Where was he born? When?
    • How did your artist train? In Dürer's case he showed his talents by age 13 and was apprenticed at age 15.
      • What kind of art did your artist make? Paintings? Sculptures? Engravings? If he painted, what did he paint, and why?
        • Give examples of each, and try to give three examples at least. Describe the examples. What's in them? What techniques are used?
          • Wrap up by explaining what your artist did in his later years until his death.

            So, in short...

            1. Name and introduce your artist.
            2. Explain how he trained.
            3. Describe the kind of art he made.
            4. Give examples.
            5. Talk about the artist's later years and death.

            • get confused between different artists. It can happen, so be careful!
            • say "Hi, I'm Albrecht Dürer..." Like I said, this has to be in the third-person (describing other people).
            • name a term (like engraving or perspective) and then not explain it. You always get marks for explaining terms.
            • write anything irrelevant (unimportant). It is important that Durer painted the Young Hare. It is not important that he had long hair.

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