People in History: A named leader in the struggle for African or Asian independence

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Mahatma Gandhi outside 10 Downing Street,
London in 1931.
By now, you should be well practised at answering People in History questions! The named leader of an independence struggle that you pick will depend on what African or Asian country you learned about, if you did this option. For this example, we'll go with Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Introduce the country you are talking about. In India's case, talk about who colonised it, and how India was as a colony (the "jewel in the crown").
  • Next, talk about the calls for independence. This is where you name your leader. What were Gandhi's aims? What was he a member of?
  • What actions did he and his movement take? (strikes, visiting Downing St., etc)
  • What did the British offer? Why was Home Rule turned down? What happened to Gandhi during WWII?
  • After the war: What was the Labour government's concern? Who did they appoint to India?
  • What solution did the government and Gandhi reach?
  • After independence, Gandhi tried to stop the sectarian violence that was breaking about between Hindus and Muslims. What happened to him?

So, in short...

  1. Introduce the country and briefly give its background.
  2. Talk about the calls for independence, introduce Gandhi and his aims.
  3. What actions did he and his movement take?
  4. What did the British offer? What happened during WWII?
  5. What was the situation after the war?
  6. What solution was found?
  7. Finish with sectarian violence and what happened to Gandhi.


  • write about a country or independence movement you don't know about.
  • write anything irrelevant.