People in History: A named leader in a revolution - Robespierre

Maximilien Robespierre. If you annoyed him,
he'd behead you.
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The most important figure you'll learn about in the French Revolution (besides King Louis and Marie Antoinette) is Maximilien Robespierre, the man who led the Committee of Public Safety after the revolution. His time in power is known as the Reign of Terror, because it resulted in hundreds of people being executed on suspicion of being against the revolution.

After almost a year, the people of Paris finally overthrew Robespierre and executed him the same way he had executed others - by guillotine.

  • Name and introduce the leader. This is a third-person answer, so you start with "Robespierre was..."
    • Talk about his background in the revolution. What did he think of the Divine Right of Kings? What was his role in the National Assembly? Who supported him?
      • What did he think of King Louis? What did he want to do to the king?
        • Robespierre was very popular by now. Don't forget to mention his nickname - "The Incorruptible". Why was this his nickname?
          • Now you can mention the Committee of Public Safety. What was it? What work did it do?
            • Next, the Reign of Terror. Why did he pass the Law of Suspects? What did it allow him to do? What was the result?
              • France was at war with Austria. What did Robespierre do to make France victorious?
                • Finally, talk about his downfall. How did he become unpopular? What happened to him?

                  So, in short...

                  1. Name and introduce Robespierre.
                  2. His background in the revolution.
                  3. What he wanted to do to King Louis.
                  4. His nickname - "The Incorruptible".
                  5. The Committee of Public Safety.
                  6. The Reign of Terror.
                  7. War with Austria.
                  8. His downfall.

                  • write in the first person, you're talking about a named person so it's in third person. (He was... etc.)
                  • write anything irrelevant (unimportant)


                  1. Can you write about any revolutionary leader or are you given one on the exam

                    1. anybody. the question will say talk about a named revolutionary in the age of revolution( Irish American or French