People in History: A named leader in a revolution - Wolfe Tone

Wolfe Tone's grave is open to the public outside Sallins, Co. Kildare.
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You might have heard of a traditional Irish music group called The Wolfe Tones. They took their name from this man, the founder of the United Irishmen and leader of the 1798 rebellion.

Wolfe Tone would inspire later revolutionary leaders in Ireland: from Robert Emmett in 1803 to Pádraig Pearse in 1916.

So, if he's your choice for this People in History question, what would you write?

  • Name and introduce the leader. This is a third-person answer, so you start with "Wolfe Tone was..."
    • Once that's done, talk about the United Irishmen. Why did he set it up? What were its aims? How was a revolution going to happen?
      • Next, talk about how Tone got help from the French. What was his plan?
        • What happened to the other leaders?
          • Now, talk about the uprisings. Wexford, Ulster, and Connacht. What happened? Did they succeed or fail?
            • What happened to Tone once the uprisings had ended?

              So, in short...

              1. Name and introduce Wolfe Tone.
              2. The United Irishmen - aims.
              3. Tone getting help from the French.
              4. The arrest of the other leaders.
              5. The uprisings.
              6. Tone's arrest and execution 

              • write in the first person, you're talking about a named person so it's in third person. (He was... etc.)
              • write anything irrelevant (unimportant)

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