People in History: A named leader in a revolution - George Washington

Washington and his troops at Valley Forge.
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Even before Second Year, you most likely knew who George Washington is. Today, Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. George Washington was the very first.

Washington's face can be found on the $1 bill, on Mount Rushmore in the US, and in statues and paintings across America. Washington DC is named after him. However, none of that is any good to you in a People in History answer because it has nothing to do with his time as the leader of the American Revolution.

Washington is usually the most popular choice for the "revolutionary leader" People in History question. How would you go about answering it?

  • Name and introduce your leader. This is a third-person answer, so you start with "George Washington was born in..."
    • What did he do before the Revolution? Where did he live? What was his job?
      • The Revolution begins: what was Washington's role in it? He was commander-in-chief, so this is a good place to talk about the battles he was involved in - New York, Philadelphia, Saratoga, Princeton, Trenton and Delaware.
        • What happened during the Winter of 1777-8? Talk about the conditions at Valley Forge and how Washington stayed with his men.
          • Something happened to change the Americans' luck. What was it? How was Washington able to defeat the British?
            • What happened to Washington after the war?
              • Finish up with a line on his later life and death.

                So, in short...

                1. Name and introduce Washington.
                2. What he did before the Revolution.
                3. What he did during the Revolution: the main battles.
                4. His time at Valley Forge.
                5. The arrival of the French.
                6. Washington's new role after the war.
                7. Later life and death.

                • write in the first person, you're talking about a named person so it's in third person. (He was... etc.)
                • write anything irrelevant (unimportant).

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