People in History: Medieval Knights

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A knight in a medieval castle.

Out of all the People in History you study in the Middle Ages, the knight is probably the one you knew the most apart beforehand. Knights defended the castle and their king, fought in jousts, and took vows of chivalry. In First Year, you learn about the stages of becoming a knight (starting at age 7!), and you learn more about their role in the Middle Ages.

So, you're a knight in a medieval castle...

  • Where do you fit in the feudal system? Explain your roles and duties. What do the king and lord expect you to do?
    • Then, start talking about how you train to become a knight. Start off with the Page. What age were you? What does a page do?
      • The next step is a Squire. What age were you? What does a squire do?
        • Then, you finally became a Knight. What age were you? How did you officially become one?
          • When you became a knight you took vows of chivalry. Explain these vows and what they mean.
            • Finally, talk about tournaments and jousts. What are they? What do you do at them? Who organises them? What do they give you practice for?

              So, in short...

              1. Explain your place in the feudal system.
              2. Training to become a knight. Name the steps.
              3. Being a Page.
              4. Being a Squire.
              5. Finally becoming a Knight.
              6. Your vows of chivalry.
              7. What you do at tournaments and jousts.

              • Talk about anything that isn't based around a solid fact like you learn in class. No small talk! 

              Making mistakes like that will cost you marks, as the information you write down must be relevant (important). You get 2 marks for every relevant point you make, so try to make sure you have at least 10 relevant points in each answer. The more you have, the less chance you have of losing too many marks if you get anything wrong or mix anything up.


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