People in History: A factory/mine owner during the Industrial Revolution

Robert Owen was a factory owner who wanted
good conditions for his workers.
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This question is simply the other form of the "factory/mine worker" question. You'll be talking about the same things, just from a different point of view.

  • Introduce yourself. "I am the owner of a mine/textile factory in Manchester..." It's important that you name the type of factory.
    • Who do you employ? What are their jobs?
      • Why are women and children better to employ than men?
        • What kind of work is done in your factory/mine? (trappers, spinners, scavengers, etc,)
          • What rules must the workers obey? What are their punishments for breaking them?
            • The children you employ are complaining. What are they complaining about? What do you think you should do? (This is where you get to decide whether to be mean or kind)
              • Talk about Robert Owen. What does he do for his workers? Why? What do you think of this?
                • What laws are being introduced to improve working conditions? Give some examples and talk about what problems they might be giving you (e.g. not allowed to make children work for more than 12 hours a day). Either you agree with this, or you think the government are out to ruin you!

                  So, in short...

                  1. Introduce yourself and state whether you're a mine or a factory owner.
                  2. Who you employ, and why women and children are better to employ than men.
                  3. What kind of work must they do?
                  4. The rules they must obey and the punishments if they don't.
                  5. Child workers complaining - what do you do?
                  6. Robert Owen and his reforms.
                  7. New laws to make working conditions better for workers.

                  • talk in third-person. This is a first person answer. (e.g. I am, I will...)
                  • name a term (e.g. Davy's safety lamp or ventilation shaft) and not explain what it means. You will lose marks if you don't.
                  • talk about anything irrelevant (e.g. the weather). You will get no marks for irrelevant information.

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