Junior Cert (Ordinary Level): Q.1 - Pictures

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The first things you'll notice about your Junior Cert paper when you get it are the pictures on your source paper. The source paper contains the pictures for the Picture Questions, and the documents for the Document Questions.

Picture Questions feature topics from each of the three years. The topics which appeared on Picture Questions in the last few years are as follows:

2017: This year's pictures weren't tied to specific parts of the course.

2016: Ancient Ireland, Early Christian Ireland, The Age of Exploration

2015: The Middle Ages, Social Change, 20th Century Ireland.

2014: Early Christian Ireland, the Irish 1798 Rebellion, the Irish Civil War.

2013: The Middle Ages, The Great Famine, World War II.

2012: Archaeology, the Stone Age, the Middle Ages.

You might be tempted to look for patterns there, but really there's no way to predict what could come up next. Topics that have appeared constantly (such as Archaeology and the Middle Ages) continue to do so, and topics that haven't appeared before (such as the Famine or the Renaissance) can appear as well.

Every picture has three questions attached to it. The first two will be about features or information contained on the picture. The third question usually asks you something else about the topic in question.

Answering a Picture Question
  • Study the pictures carefully 
  • Don't just glance at them. Have a look at what they are, and look at the details, you might be asked a question about one of them.
  • Read the questions carefully:
  • If you're asked to give two pieces of information, don't just give one. If you're asked to give one piece of information, don't waste your time giving more. 

  • Timekeeping:
  • The Picture Questions are worth 35 marks altogether. They can be an easy source for marks, but you must not spend too much time on them. Other parts of the paper carry much more marks with them. You should spend only about 15 minutes on the Picture Question.

Sample Picture Question

2012 OL Q.1

Picture A1 shows an archaeologist at work and Picture A2 shows an aerial view of an archaeological site. 

1.   Why would an archaeologist use the tools marked X as seen in Picture A1? (3)

2.   How would an archaeologist know that the area marked Y in Picture A2 was worth 
      investigating? (3) 

3.   Name one way in which archaeologists date the things they find.

Picture B shows a Stone Age village.

1.   How do we know that the people in the picture were farmers? (3)

2.   What materials did they use for making the house in the picture? (3)  

3.   The first people in Ireland were called hunter-gatherers. What kind of food did they eat? (4)

Picture C shows an old map of Galway city. 

1.   How do we know that the people of the city feared attack? (4)

2.   Give one reason why the city was built on this site. (4)

3.   In what way does the map tell us that trade was important to the city? (4)

4.   Choose one of the following terms from the Middle Ages and explain it: (4)
              Jousting;       Curfew;       Black Death.