Junior Cert Higher Level: Question 6

Question 6 on the Higher Level paper is split into four sections. Each section asks questions about a particular topic you studied from 1st to 3rd year. You could be asked to write an account of something, like in the question above. That question asks you to pick two of three features of your ancient civilisation to talk about, and the marks are 10x2. So what does this mean?

The two you pick are worth ten marks each. You should know by now that in every History answer, a good, relevant fact is worth 2 marks. So if the two you pick are ten marks each, that means you should have at least five good, relevant points for each one. So, at least five good points about Burial customs and Religion, five good points on Food and clothing, or five good points on Work, arts and crafts, whichever two you pick.

It's always a good idea to have more facts than you need, just in case you get one wrong by mistake. The more extra facts you have, the less chance there is of you losing marks. You should try to have 7-8 facts in each part of this answer.

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