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Question 6 is divided into four parts: A, B, C and D. The last three are the same every year, but we'll get to them in a moment. Part A can be about any topic you studied in First and Second Year.

The topics which appeared in Part A in the last few years are as follows:

2017: The Renaissance

2016: The Reformation

2015: Our Roots in Ancient Civilisation (Ancient Ireland).

2014: The Age of Exploration.

2013: Ancient Civilisation Outside of Ireland (Rome)

2012: The Middle Ages.

2011: Our Roots in Ancient Civilisation (Ancient Ireland).

2010: The Renaissance.

Part B is always Social Change in 20th Century Ireland.

Part C is always Political Developments in 20th Century Ireland.

Part D is always International Relations in the 20th Century.

You must choose two of the four parts (A, B ,C ,D) to answer. They are 30 marks each, so this whole question is worth 60 marks in total.

Answering a Source Question
  • Understand exactly what the question is asking you 
  • Your answer should only relate to the question and not include information you don't need - it doesn't matter if you write down something that's correct, if it has nothing to do with the question it still won't get any marks. For example, if you're asked to write an account of' political developments in the Republic of Ireland during the 1960s', don't start talking about Irish politics in the 1950s. If you're asked to write about one of a range of topics, choose one and write about that one only, you won't get marks for writing about all of them.

  • Timekeeping:
  • The four parts are worth 30 marks each. You must answer two of the parts to get a total of 60 marks. Make sure you spend about 20 minutes on each part. Keep an eye on the amount of marks going for the different questions (it changes every year). The more marks there are going for a question, the more relevant points you should write in your answer to that question. Remember that each relevant point is worth 2 marks. A 10-mark question would require at least 5 relevant points, but always have more just in case!

 Sample Questions

Sample questions for this part of the paper can be found at the following links:

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