Junior Cert (Higher Level): Q.3 - Short Questions

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The Short Questions are worth 20 marks overall. There are 20 questions to choose from, but you only need to answer 10.

The questions cover every topic you've learned about since First Year, and the best way to prepare for them is to practise answering Short Questions on past papers.

Sample short questions are featured on each topic's page.

Answering Short Questions
  • Read the questions carefully 
  • Don't just glance at them. Read them very carefully before answering them. Find the ten questions you can answer best. Keep your answers clear and short. A 2-mark question requires just one piece of information, a sentence at most. Don't try to write paragraphs. Read over your answers when you're done.
  • Timekeeping:
  • The Short Questions are worth 20 marks altogether. They can be an easy source for marks, but give yourself plenty of time to tackle the longer questions later. Spend about 15-20 minutes on short questions.

 Sample Short Questions

Answer TEN of the following questions. Each is worth 2 marks.

1.   Why were the earliest times known as the Stone Age?

2.   Mention two advances made by Neolithic People.

3.   In Celtic times who were the Aos Dána?

4.   Name two important Celtic festivals.

5.   Mention two important functions of the round tower in the Early Christian monastery.

6.   What was sanctuary in medieval times?

7.   Give two reasons why the Renaissance began in Italy.

8.   Give two reasons why rulers were willing to sponsor voyages during the Age of Exploration.

9.   Name and explain one instrument of navigation used during the Age of Exploration.

10. Name the civilisation conquered by the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro.

11. In Britain during the Agricultural Revolution, what is meant by the term enclosure?

12. Name two important inventions during the Industrial Revolution.

13. Give two consequences for Ireland of the Great Famine.

14. Mention two reasons why Unionists opposed Home Rule for Ireland.

15. Name the political party founded by Éamon de Valera in 1926.

16. What action did de Valera take against the Blueshirts in August 1933?

17. Give one reason why Irishmen went to fight in the Spanish Civil War.

18. Why was the League of Nations set up in 1919?

19. Mention two actions taken by Hitler to become dictator of Germany.

20. During World War II what was the Blitz?