3rd Year: Inter-Party Governments & Seán Lemass

Seán Lemass on the cover of Time magazine.
Behind him (and the leprechaun), are factories showing
how Ireland was becoming industrialised.
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Fianna Fáil's defeat in 1948 came because the other parties in the Dáil, led by Fine Gael, joined together to form what we call the "Inter-Party Government". This government was led by John A. Costello as Taoiseach. Costello's government is most famous for declaring Ireland as a republic (so the Irish Free State became the Republic of Ireland) and for the controversy surrounding the Mother and Child Scheme, planned by his Health Minister Noel Browne.

Costello and de Valera were both in and out of power during the late 1940s and 1950s, but by 1957 Ireland was back to a long-term Fianna Fáil government. Two years later, de Valera finally retired as Taoiseach and was elected President. The new Fianna Fáil Taoiseach was Seán Lemass, who had been the Minister for Industry in all of de Valera's governments.

Lemass wanted to modernise Ireland. He encouraged the growth of industry and he promoted several young faces to become ministers. His government brought in free secondary education for all children, and Lemass was the first Taoiseach to meet the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland in 1965. RTÉ was set up and Ireland had its own TV station for the first time. Lemass retired in 1966 and was succeeded by Jack Lynch, who looked forward to continuing Lemass' work. Unfortunately, by the end of the 1960s, things weren't going to seem as bright anymore.

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  • Inter-Party Government: Who formed it, Declaration of the Republic, IDA, Marshall Aid, Rural electrification, Mother & Child Scheme.
  • Seán Lemass and Fianna Fáil: First Programme for Economic Expansion, visiting Terence O'Neill, free secondary education.

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A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland, 1960-85
(2014 HL, 2012 HL, 2008 HL, 2010 OL, 2009 OL)

John A. Costello, Taoiseach 1948-51, 54-57

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