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Welcome! This site is designed to help you with your study of Junior Cert and Leaving Cert History. To the left, you'll see links for each year. Click on your year and you will find a list of all the topics you will study. Each topic page has information, tips and links to pictures, games and other useful websites.

As well as the topics you study in school, the In the News, Things to Watch Out For and On This Day sections below give you information on other things that happened in history, from the Stone Age as far as yesterday.

In the news...
The second known photograph of Emily Dickinson (left).
Have you studied Emily Dickinson in English? The Emily Dickinson museum in her home town of Amherst, Massachusetts has revealed what is thought to be only the second known photograph of her. (full story here)

Archaeologists in Britain have excavated a skeleton they believe might belong to King Richard III, who doesn't appear in the History course but is famous for fighting and dying at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. (full story here)

Things to watch out for...

On this day in ...
Author Roald Dahl was born on this day
in 1916.
September 13th

Michelangelo began work on David.

John Calvin returned to Geneva to reform the church there.

America set the date for its first ever presidential election, which began on 15 December.

King Louis XVI of France accepted his country's new constitution after the revolution.

Henry Bliss became the first person to die in an automobile accident in America.

A fixed-wing aircraft was flown for the first time.

Nikita Khrushchev was appointed secretary-general of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu led South Africa's largest anti-apartheid march.

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